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How does it work?

Every person is unique in how their skin ages. The line of Restylane fillers has been developed to treat various facial areas, with four different products, each with different thicknesses.

Am I a candidate for a Restylane filler?

If you are one of the many people who don’t appreciate the look of lines and wrinkles, you may be the right candidate for injections with one of our Bellevue Restylane dermal fillers. These products are hyaluronic acid-based and produced by a US pharmaceutical company, Galderma Laboratories. You should be in good general health and choose to undergo facial enhancement because it is what you want, rather than for another person. At Skintegrity, we want to empower you, as an individual, and if looking younger will make you happier, we can help.

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Lyft is the first FDA-approved filler to restore cheek volume and volume on the back of the hands. As you age, the natural fat that creates a lovely, fresh look to your cheeks diminishes, and the skin begins to sag. With the help of Lyft, youthful cheek volume is subtly replenished. If your hands have started to look skeletal, revealing your age, Lyft can leave restore a more youthful, plump look.


All Restylane fillers in Bellevue are produced with a proprietary technology, called XpresHAn. Refyne softens the look of etched-in laugh lines and lines extending from mouth to chin. If you want to look younger but are worried about being able to maintain your natural expressiveness, you may be a candidate for Refyne injections. Imagine looking refreshed, younger, and more attractive in just minutes! It is possible with this advanced dermal filler.


Defyne was developed to smooth laugh lines and marionette lines while allowing you to maintain your natural expressiveness. Lost skin elasticity due to aging is partially the result of the body failing to produce the same quantity of hyaluronic acid that it did in your youth. The beauty of this product is that it can smooth lines and wrinkles without affecting your natural facial movements and expressions.


Your lips may no longer appear plump and youthful due to aging, or you may have inherited thinner lips. Silk is a filler specifically designed to replenish lost lip volume and smooth lip lines without creating a look that appears unnatural. A very fine, thin formula injected with a small needle, it is the perfect filler for those who are seeking very natural lip enhancement.

Why choose Skintegrity?

At Skintegrity, all injections are performed by our board-certified medical doctors. We are committed to providing the highest level of patient care and attention, and in achieving superior results. Discover the Skintegrity difference by scheduling a complimentary consultation for arguably the best treatment of Restylane Bellevue has to offer.

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