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What does Radiesse do?

Radiesse is made of tiny, smooth microspheres suspended in a gel. This filler replenishes lost volume while stimulating the production of natural collagen, offering dramatic results that can last a year or more for most patients. It is perfect for making those smile lines, turned down corners of the mouth, and chin wrinkles a thing of the past.

How does Radiesse work?

Collagen production decreases as part of the natural aging process. The loss of natural collagen causes the skin to sag and deep lines to form, including nasolabial folds (along the nose and mouth) and marionette lines (along the chin from the mouth corners). When injected under the skin, Radiesse provides immediate volume and correction of these facial flaws. It continues to work by stimulating the body to produce more natural collagen for long-lasting results. Biocompatible particles in Radiesse are absorbed by the body over time, leaving only your own natural collagen behind.

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Who is a good candidate for Radiesse?

Most adults make good candidates for treatment with Radiesse. This injectable dermal filler is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and made of biocompatible ingredients. You may be a good candidate for Radiesse if you are in good health and want to:

  • Soften deep facial folds
  • Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Add volume to the cheeks and lips
  • Enhance facial contouring

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What is the best age for Radiesse injections?

Most people who have Radiesse injections are between the ages of 30 and 60. This popular treatment has facial rejuvenation benefits with long-lasting results.

What can Radiesse do for the lower face?

Radiesse injections can provide an instant lift and add long-lasting definition to the lower face. It adds volume immediately and stimulates natural collagen growth to create a more youthful appearance naturally. This injectable filler is an excellent option for softening the appearance of smile lines around the nose and mouth.

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