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How do stretch marks form?

Stretch marks form as a result of your body growing rapidly, such as during puberty or as a result of rapid weight gain. As your body grows, your skin may not grow fast enough in particular areas, such as your back, abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. This can result in scars forming from the skin being stretched to accommodate the rapid growth. Stretch marks vary from person to person, as we each have different levels of skin elasticity. These marks may have a color that is slightly different from your skin tone and may have a rough texture.

Treating stretch marks with fractional skin resurfacing

Fractional skin resurfacing helps to rejuvenate the outer layer of skin where the stretch marks are visible. The treatment allows for fresher, healthier skin below to become exposed and for new growth to occur. Through the growth of healthier, stronger skin and stimulate healing, your stretch marks become less apparent.

Stretch Marks Treatment Bellevue & Kirkland

How does Fraxel treatment work?

The Fraxel laser is broken into tiny beams that can penetrate the skin and create areas of damage that stimulate the skin to heal. As the damaged cells are hit by the laser, with surrounding healthy skin left intact, the area begins to produce more collagen, healing and contracting the skin. You may feel like you have a sunburn after the treatment, and there may be some peeling as a part of the healing process.

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How many treatments will I need to treat stretch marks?

Three or more sessions may be necessary for the treatment of stretch marks. You should notice improvement with every session, and those results will build upon each other as the skin is stimulated to heal and the older, surface skin is sloughed off.

Stretch Marks Treatment Bellevue & Kirkland

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