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As we age our skin’s collagen and elastin are depleted. Our bodies no longer replenish collagen and elastin the way they did in the past, and the skin loses its fresh, supple quality. Sun exposure and toxins act like a fast-forward button, with the skin rapidly losing elasticity.

What is an effective treatment for Loose, Lax skin?

At Skintegrity MedSpa, we have been helping clients achieve dramatic results using the following devices:

Forma and Forma Plus are unique devices that utilize the latest advancements in thermal and radiofrequency technology. Forma and Forma Plus not only improve fine lines and wrinkles, but they also tighten and lift areas of the face and body by contracting the existing collagen fibers for firmer, tighter skin.

How does Forma and Forma Plus Work?

When Forma and Forma Plus send energy waves deep into the skin, it breaks down collagen which causes new collagen to form, creating tighter, firmer, and lifted skin.

Loose & Lax Skin Treatment Bellevue & Kirkland

Am I a candidate for Forma or Forma plus?

If you are suffering from any of the following conditions and would like to try a non-invasive procedure that carries no downtime, Forma or Forma Plus may be a good treatment option for you:

  • Loss of firmness in the lower face
  • Sagging neck skin
  • Facial wrinkles
  • Lines around the lips and eyes
  • Lines on the neck
  • Loose skin at the jawline
  • Loose skin on the underarm, thighs and stomach

Our board-certified MDs will evaluate your skin and medical background to rule out any conditions that could prevent you from being a good candidate for Forma and Forma Plus.

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How long do the results last?

The results from Forma are long-lasting. Each session will result in an improvement until the optimal outcome is achieved. To maintain your results, you can schedule follow-up treatments each year, or more frequently, as a standard part of your beauty and anti-aging regimen.

What areas of the body can be treated with Forma?

Forma can be used on almost any area of the body in addition to the face and neck.

Is it painful?

Forma is not a painful treatment and is generally considered pain-free. The device adjusts automatically to ensure that the heat does not exceed your comfort zone.

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