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Your Skin Is A Temple

We can help you have smooth, glowing, healthy skin. At Skintegrity, we are committed to producing results you can see and feel.

You are a unique individual – and so is your skin. Whether you are looking for a treatment to tighten, smooth, and firm aging skin, resolve acne or acne scars, or you want to maintain healthy, glowing skin for the long term, we offer an array of the most effective skin enhancement treatments available. For a fresh, smooth, youthful complexion, our comprehensive approach produces real-world results.

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Your facial skin tells the story of your life. We offer state-of-the-art, non-invasive skin rejuvenating treatments to treat and resolve skin issues that affect your quality of life.


At Skintegrity Medspa in Bellevue, we are dedicated to achieving superior results with injectables. Every treatment is performed with meticulous care, so the results appear fresh and natural.


At Skintegrity, our goal is to enhance your life by tightening skin, smoothing away cellulite, removing unsightly veins, treating stretch marks, and developing individual weight loss programs that work.


At Skintegrity, we have created a luxury, private Bellevue medspa built around empowerment, personal service, and results to enhance your life’s journey.

Med Spa Bellevue



This place is absolutely remarkable. They changed my life.

Real Patient


Imagine being able to freeze away excess fat without diet or exercise; with the revolutionary technology of CoolSculpting, it is now possible.

When your body is free from stubborn areas of fat, it has a dramatic impact on how you feel about yourself. With our custom CoolSculpting treatments, we can help you resculpt your figure by freezing away pockets of fat on your abdomen, flanks, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, and beneath your chin. The result? Pure joy.

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Our injection techniques have been developed with years of experience. Smooth away lines, create plumper, more appealing lips, or add subtle volume for a more refined look.

When dermal fillers and neuromodulators are used sparingly, carefully, and with artistry, the results are subtle and remarkably natural. Our expert injectors focus on creating the most natural-looking enhancements with fillers, BOTOX, regenerative PRP treatments, and injections that melt away double chin fat.

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Beautiful skin is glowing, soft, smooth, and free from blemishes and scars. With the help of our professional skincare experts at Skintegrity, you can watch your skin become restored, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

If your skin is plagued by blemishes, is showing the signs of age, or has lost its natural glow, we offer a wide array of treatments to help your skin become healthier, firmer and smoother. Each treatment plan is customized to create significant improvements in your skin quality and appearance.


Fresh. Youthful. Glowing. At Skintegrity, we are true skin rejuvenation experts. Our wealth of knowledge, advanced techniques, and groundbreaking technologies create life-changing results.

At Skintegrity, we offer an array of facial treatments to restore, rejuvenate, and refresh your look. Discover a medspa in Bellevue where we focus on creating exceptional results, no matter the condition of your skin. Our approach to facial skin enhancement is to evaluate your skin quality and create a custom treatment plan that works.

Best medical spa ever Jesse and Sarah are amazing...

by Jesse T..

I swear these people always treat me like Family I Love them so Much !!

by Exavier T.

I feel so good about my skin.

by Elizabeth P.

Great experience with the whole team. From the ease to make appointments...

by Oleg S.

Comfort & Care

Experience the difference at Skintegrity, where we treat you with personal care and guide you with customized treatments that are perfect – for you.

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We invite you to experience a different kind of medspa, established in 2015 we provide a safe, comfortable place where you will be pampered, cared for, and treated with respect and integrity. Our beautiful medical spa in Kirkland and close to Bellevue is luxurious, private, and built around creating a positive, empowering experience. We will support you on your journey to wellbeing, beautiful, healthy skin, and a sculpted body.

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