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Tiera Theiry

Master Aesthetician

Tiera has struggled with acne since the age of 12. After experiencing the impact acne can have on your life first-hand, she chose to use it as her motivation to become one of the most sought-after medical providers in our industry. On her lifelong quest for perfect skin, Tiera has spent much of her spare time continuing her education because it’s her passion, and as they say, if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Tiera’s formal education started at The Euro Institute and then she proceeded to graduate at top of her class, earning her masters in aesthetics from The Washington Laser Institute in 2014. Immediately following her graduation, Tiera began working for a very busy practice until personally recruited to join The Skintegrity Team in 2016. Tiera loves working with all skin types and is passionate about helping others look, and feel, their absolute best. Tiera has advanced certifications from InMode, Palomar, Allergan/Coolsculpting, Solta/Fraxel, Sente Skincare, Dermaquest, PCA, Environ, Skinceuticals, and several others as well.

“I love skin, I love helping people feel great about themselves, and I love being a part of a team that supports and rewards us for doing the very best for our clients. We aren’t pressured to sell or to see more clients, or even keep costs down. We are pressured to do the right thing and to give the best treatments. From a Provider’s perspective, you can’t ask for anything more.”

- Tiera Theiry

Alexis Albritton

Master Aesthetician

Alexis grew up in Oregon and is one of the most experienced and skilled medical providers you will ever see. With 16 ½ years of experience, and tens of thousands of successful treatments, there really isn’t much she hasn’t done. She is a skincare expert, and because of her experience and extensive knowledge of the industry, she is an integral part of our team, and an excellent mentor to our younger technicians. Alexis has advanced certifications from almost every company in our industry, and in many cases, the company they were before the company they are now. Alexis has received several awards for service and has been recognized for her contributions, both as an instructor/educator and as a guest speaker.

“Aging and anti-aging aren’t finite processes, nor is our strive to get better. As providers, we need to be better and faster to stay ahead of the curve, opposed to behind it. All of our efforts will translate into better patient outcomes and that’s extremely exciting for me. What’s possible is changing every day, which is not only exciting, it’s inspiring.”

- Alexis Albritton

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