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Spider veins are small, damaged veins that can be unsightly and even uncomfortable. They can appear as broken purple, blue, or red vessels that have the shape of webs or branches. Spider veins typically appear on the legs and face and can be so prevalent that they are a source of embarrassment.

How do spider veins develop?

They develop as we age and can be caused by our genetics and in large part by lifestyles. If you have a job that requires sitting or standing for long periods, you are often more prone to developing spider veins. Pregnancy and hormone changes can also cause spider veins to develop. Veins have valves in them that keep blood flowing back towards the heart. As these valves become damaged or weakened over time, blood can begin to pool in the vein and cause the walls of the vein to weaken and bulge. At this point the vein becomes noticeable below the skin as it is filled with blood and damaged.

Spider Vein Treatment Bellevue & Kirkland

How can you treat spider veins?

Spider veins can be treated in a few different ways, but our preferred method is laser technology. The treatment works in the following way:

  • The pigment in the blood is targeted by the laser
  • The veins are heated and damaged
  • The damaged tissues clot and gradually fade over time

This treatment is perfect for smaller spider veins that do not require more invasive treatments to be fully removed or treated. Some spider veins will require multiple laser treatments before they fade completely, although you will notice changes to the veins after the first treatment.

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