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Lysa Ward, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Ward began her career as an Emergency Room Physician and has maintained Board Certification since 1997. As a board-certified ER Doctor, Dr. Ward has built a medical foundation and a vault of experience, that truly, puts her in a class by herself. In addition to expert cosmetic injections, Dr. Ward leads our team of providers, implements quality control systems, and personally consults with every patient prior to starting their services. She is uncompromising when it comes to patient care and is always available for questions or concerns, should they arise.

“I’m extremely proud of what we’ve built at Skintegrity, our goal was to make our facility more dynamic and fast-paced than a traditional medical office without sacrificing quality of care, and we’ve definitely done that. Our technology is excellent, but more importantly, it stays excellent because we maintain it in new condition directly from the manufacturer. Essentially, you are being treated with a new machine each and every time you come to Skintegrity.”

- Lysa Ward, MD

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