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How do scars form?

Scars form when the deeper layers of the dermis are injured. These injuries heal in a way that causes the tissues to be unable to come together cleanly. This difference can be seen in the way that surgical scars heal versus the way that superficial injuries such as scratches heal. Scars develop from collagen forming in the damaged tissues to close the wound. This leaves a scar that can have a rougher texture than the surrounding skin as well as a different hue.

Types of scarring

There are many different types of scarring that include:

Acne scarring: This scarring develops from having acne and can vary from deep pockmarks to more superficial roughness or waviness to the skin.

Keloid scars: These scars can be hard to resolve, as they are caused by excessive growth in the healing process. They require specialized treatment as they can become worse if not treated correctly.

Hypertrophic scars: These scars are raised and red but do not grow beyond the area of injury like keloid scars do.

Contracture scarring: Caused by burns, this type of scarring can cause the skin to feel tight and can even inhibit your ability to move, especially if the burn affected the muscles below.

How can I get rid of scars?

There are many ways to try to resolve scars, from surgery to topical creams. The treatment that is best for you depends mostly on the type and severity of the scar that you wish to have treated. At Skintegrity in Kirkland, we offer Fractional skin resurfacing to smooth out areas of scarring and stimulate healing in the skin to reduce the appearance of your scar or scars.

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How does fractional skin resurfacing help to diminish scars?

Fractional skin resurfacing for scars helps the skin to heal more uniformly in the area of the scar and can smooth the surface of the scar so that it has less of a rough or defined texture.

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Schedule a consultation with our team at Skintegrity in Kirkland. We can assess the scars that you wish to have treated and suggest the best course of action for your cosmetic goals.

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