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What is BodyFX?

BodyFX is a body contouring device that results in fat reduction and dramatically improves the appearance of cellulite. BodyFX is a non-surgical cellulite and fat reduction treatment, an effective alternative to liposuction.

How does BodyFX work?

BodyFX uses radiofrequency and vacuum pressure to heat the tissue at a deep level. The energy delivered to tissue causes the underlying skin structure to contract while also melting away excess fat. The result is tighter skin and fewer fat-filled cells.

Am I a candidate?

Our medical professionals will evaluate your condition and health history to determine whether you are a good candidate for BodyFX treatments. You may be a good candidate if you:

  • Are close to your ideal weight
  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Have fatty deposits or cellulite that have not responded to diet and exercise

Why choose us?

  • Our medspa is among the most professional and popular medical aesthetic clinics in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Our highly trained technicians are medical providers. Your treatment will be carried out by someone who has had extensive and rigorous training in laser treatment and is fully certified.
  • Our BodyFX treatments are overseen by two board-certified MDs.
  • We genuinely care about providing our clients with the best possible results and will only suggest treatments that will help them achieve their goals.


How many treatments are required?

Generally, six to twelve treatments will achieve optimal results.

When will I see results?

Results will be visible after the first treatment and peak at six months to a year.

Ask the experts at Skintegrity.

If you are bothered by unsightly cellulite and would like to find out more about BodyFX, give us a call. We are happy to provide you with a consultation with one of our medical staff.

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