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Roger Olsson, MD

Expert Cosmetic Injector

Although Dr. Olsson looks and feels extremely young for his age, he’s been a practicing physician for 40+ years. As a primary care physician, Dr. Olsson was a founding member of Edmonds Family Medicine, which undoubtedly, was one of the busiest primary care facilities on the West Coast. At the height of its success, Dr. Olsson was introduced to cosmetic injections, and other non-invasive cosmetic services, and fell in love with the specialty. Consequently, despite the success of Edmonds Family, he decided to sell his share of the practice to specialize in non-invasive cosmetic services. Today, Dr. Olsson has over a decade of experience and has been recognized as a Premier Injector by his peers and injectable manufacturers.

“Helping patients look and feel their best is empowering and that’s what we do. We help people feel great about themselves so they can make the most out of their lives and the opportunities in it, and for us, it’s an incredibly profound experience.”

- Roger Olsson, MD

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