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Stages of Beauty—20s

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Good Habits Now for Good Health into the Future!

If you are in your 20s, you may not spend a lot of time thinking about your health, your body, or your skin. During your 20s, you can often take your nourished, healthy skin and your toned, shapely physique for granted. Yet in order to maintain this youthful glow into your 30s and beyond, it is critical to lay the foundation for amazing wellness and stunning beauty though the early development of proper body wellness and skin care habits in your 20s. At Skintegrity Med Spa, centrally located in the heart of downtown Kirkland, Washington, we are pleased to offer a wide range of preventative and/or corrective body wellness and skin care treatments precisely formulated to stave off early signs of aging and keep you looking youthfully radiant for years to come.

Skin Care in your 20s: Keep Your Youthful, Healthy Glow!

Even if your skin appears smooth, nourished, and healthy when you are in your 20s, subtle changes are already beginning to take place deep within the structures of your skin, due to constant, every day exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun and environmental pollutants in the air. Establishing good at-home skin care routines and scheduling regular professional skin maintenance is the best investment you can make to prolong your youthful appearance and protect your skin’s naturally-radiant glow!

Common skin concerns in your 20s:

  • Acne/acne scarring
  • Enlarged pores/blackheads
  • Oily or dry skin
  • Redness/rosacea/blotchiness
  • Uneven skin tone/texture
  • Dyschromia (pigmentation irregularities)
  • Thin lips or hollow facial features
  • Preventing future signs of aging (wrinkles/fine lines)

Skintegrity Med Spa is pleased to offer an extensive menu of preventative and protective skin care measures perfect for addressing these common concerns:

  • Acne Clearing: our powerful acne clearing program involves a customized combination of IPL blue light, specialized peels, microdermabrasion, and skin resurfacing to eliminate unsightly blemishes, restore smooth, healthy skin, and prevent future outbreaks
  • Med-Facials and Skin Care: professional, medical-grade facials, supported by the highest-quality at-home skin care products, will keep your plump, well-nourished, and healthy
  • Chemical Peels: our customized peels gently remove the damaged outermost layer of skin to keep skin smooth and healthy, and allow for better penetration of skincare products 
  • IPL Fotofacials: harness the power of light to correct the earliest signs of sun exposure and photo-aging to erase pigmentation irregularities and poor skin tone
  • Injectable Dermal Fillers: while fillers are an ideal solution for older individuals who are already concerned about the appearance of lines and wrinkles, these HA-based treatments are also ideal to augment hollow facial contours, eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes, and transform thin lips into voluptuous, sensual lips
  • Laser Hair Removal: Positively and painlessly eliminate unwanted body hair with laser hair removal, a perfect solution for anyone tired of the endless, painful, and costly temporary hair removal methods 

Whole Body Wellness:

In your 20s, it can be easy to be overwhelmed with the daily stresses of school, starting your first job, establishing your career, and enjoying a rich, active social life. Yet staying focused on proper nutrition, healthy eating habits, and regular exercise are key to managing stress, ensuring high energy to live life to its fullest, and preventing future health problems that may slow you down later in life. Whether you are seeking to shed a few extra pounds, maintain a well-rounded, healthy diet, or keep a shapely, contoured figure, Skintegrity Med Spa offers a wide range of body wellness programs designed to help you achieve all of your health and wellness goals:

  • Weight loss and body contouring: Whether you need to shed some excess weight or just eliminate a few stubborn fatty deposits, our supervised diet plans will ensure that you achieve your health and body goals safely and successfully!
  • Nutritional supplements: Looking for just the right protein shake, vitamin supplements, and diet plan to keep you healthy and energized? Let us design a custom-tailored nutrition plan to keep your energy high and your lifestyle active!
  • Massage and Body Wraps: Stress can take a terrible toll on your health, your wellness, and even your appearance. Escape from the daily grind, relax your aching muscles, and pamper yourself with a personalized massage or body wrap from our highly-trained aestheticians.
  • Body Contouring :  Non Invasive Body contouring by Body FX  is a pain free, and a effective non surgical solution used to reshape tone and smooth your body one body part at a time. Keep the curves you want and get rid of those you could live with out.



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