Frequently Asked Questions About
Vitamin Infusion Kirkland

Frequently Asked Questions About Vitamin Infusion Kirkland 2017-12-11T20:43:35+00:00

Many benefit from Vitamin Infusion Kirkland because the body will be replenished of vitamins and minerals. For those who are still unaware about this procedure, the following frequently asked questions would provide more information.

  • What is the treatment all about? It consists of injecting a number of vitamins and minerals into a vein, either rapidly over 10-15 minutes (called a push) or more usually over 1-2 hour drip.
  • How many treatments are needed? It is usually given once or twice a week. The treatment may take 5 infusions but some patients with chronic conditions may need it more frequently.
  • What are its side effects?Patients may notice a mild flushing sensation or may taste the vitamins in the mouth. Actual side effects are very rare, the only real one being slight irritation of the vein. Sensitivity to a preservative in one of the nutrients could possibly cause tired feeling or headache.

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