How PRP For Hair Kirkland Procedure Is Done

How PRP For Hair Kirkland Procedure Is Done 2017-12-11T20:43:52+00:00

The process of administrating the PRP for hair Kirkland procedure only takes less than an hour, even less than 30 minutes at times. But even if it seems to be a simple procedure, the treatment needs to be administered by a seasoned and certified PRP expert. The following are brief descriptions as to how the PRP treatment is carried out by health and beauty specialists:

  • The certified PRP treatment provider at Skintegrity Med Spa will first obtain blood from the patient. The process of obtaining blood is similar to withdrawing blood for laboratory tests.
  • The blood withdrawn from the patient will be spun in a centrifuge machine approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This is to separate the PRP from the rest of the blood parts.
  • After the spinning process, the PRP will be injected to the scalp of the patient. The PRP will then stimulate the hair follicles thereby preventing hair thinning and make restore hair growth.

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