Medical Grade Facials and Skin Care

Healthy, Beautiful Skin is What We Do!

As the saying goes—"A good offense is the best defense"—and nowhere is this more appropriate and true than when it comes to your skin! A good skincare routine can not only produce dramatic results, but can be an excellent preventative measure against the early signs of aging. The use of medical-grade products and facials are critical in achieving and maintaining optimal skin health. Whether your skin concerns lie with aging, sun damage, acne, or simply wanting to maintain a healthy complexion, we can tailor a skin care treatment plan that is right for you!

Who Are Ideal Candidates for Our Medical-Grade Facials and Products?

The answer is simple… EVERYONE! Skin and beauty concerns are a timeless phenomenon that usually begin in the teens, when our skin is affected by acne and we notice the importance of our complexion and skin tone. Unfortunately, the average over-the-counter-products will only produce results on the most superficial layers of the skin, and in the worst cases may actually contribute to the build-up of toxins, chemicals, and grease that can make it difficult for the skin to breathe properly and heal itself effectively. Our medical-grade facials and skincare products and facials work deep within the skin, at the dermis and basal layers, for powerful, long-lasting, and dramatically beautiful results!

What Are Some Benefits I Can Expect From a Medical-Grade Facial?

Our customizable, medical-grade facials offer powerful healing for your skin and soothing relaxation for you! Your skin is your largest organ which plays an important role in protecting you from toxins and exposure. Yet just like you, it needs frequent feeding, moisturizing, check-ups, and even well-deserved pampering to maintain its fresh, healthy, youthful appeal. Our medi-facials are designed to give your skin exactly what it needs to stay hydrated, healthy, and nourished. Why choose a medi-facial at Skintegrity Med Spa? Because our medi-facials are:

Beauty Concerns: What Our Skincare Products Can Do for You?

Each and every skin care line we offer was chosen for its proven effectiveness, ease of use, and quality ingredients. We offer the following range of skincare products to supplement and improve your home skincare routine: