Massage and Body Wraps

Relaxation    -    $80-60 min    -    $115-90 min
Using Classic European massage techniques, and long flowing strokes to stimulate circulation, boost immune system, and relax the entire body.

Deep Tissue    -    $90-60 min    -    $125-90 min
Deep Massage using thumbs, forearms, and elbows, geared towards relieving pain and decreasing tension. Deep pressure to specific trigger points of the body.

Tension Tamer    -    $125-90 min
Perfect for those who can't decide which treatment to choose because they all sound so good. Combines Deep Tissue and Swedish massage, placement of hot stones on the back and front torso, and reflexology to effectively reduce tension in the spine, shoulders, neck, scalp, legs, hands, and feet, resulting in a deep sense of internal balance. Also comes with an infrared sauna session for ultimate relaxation and light therapy.

Reflexology    -    $45-30 min    -    $75-30 min
Hand and foot therapy using thumb pressure to affect different systems in the body. This treatment encourages the body to naturally balance and correct itself through the ancient art of reflexology.

Aromatherapy    -    $95-60 min    -    $130-90 min
Take a deep breath. This nurturing light massage treatment uses quality healing and soothing custom blended organic essential oils to treat specific conditions. This complete mind, body, and spirit as the oils are massaged into the skin. To enjoy the full benefits of this treatment, please avoid showering 4 hours after the service.

Pre-Natal    -   $90-60 min    -    $125-90 min
Gentle, customized massage for mothers to be. Carrying the extra weight and water during pregnancy can feel stressful to your body, with carefully placed bolsters and pillows, you will safely release tension and stress.

Couples Massage    -    $195-60 min    -    $265-90 min
Slip into a plush robe and sip on your choice of wine or tea with your partner. Enjoy a romantic side-by-side Swedish massage with sensual music in our candle lit studio. May customize your treat for two. Ask us for ideas!

Ashiatsu Massage    -    $90-60 min    -    $135-90 min
Specialty trained therapists use bars set in the ceiling to balance themselves while their bare feet perform deep compressions and firm gliding movements. Your spine, hip, glutes, arms, and legs will loosen and chronically held muscles will melt. Ideal for athletes or anyone that needs an extra release.

Body Wraps
Our homeopathic body wraps offer amazing relaxation while gently drawing out the toxins and pollutants that have accumulated deep within the layers of your skin, for results that are at the same time therapeutic, de-toxifying, slimming, and relaxing. Securely but gently wrapping your body in a carefully-prepared blend of mud, clay, sea salt, and naturally-derived herbs and oils extracts toxins from the fat cells in your skin, for a healthy, sleek, refreshed, rejuvenated you!

Whether you have a specific medical concern, want to focus on a particular problem area, or are simply seeking therapeutic relaxation, our goal is to provide you with an exceptional massage experience. Our highly trained and experienced massage therapists are dedicated to ensuring that you receive exactly the massage you need. They will listen carefully to your concerns and goals, conduct a thorough examination in order to recommend the massage technique best suited to achieve your goals, and maintain open communications throughout your experience, to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable, and to ensure that your massage experience promotes your overall wellness goals.

In the peaceful, tranquil atmosphere at Skintegrity Med Spa, conveniently located in downtown Kirkland, Washington, our highly-skilled massage therapists will offer you an amazingly therapeutic massage experience, custom-tailored to achieve your specific goals. A truly ancient art form, massage continues to offer incredible benefits that complement, and even sometimes surpass, the best modern medicine, including:

  • Decreasing stress levels
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Enhancing quality of sleep and reducing fatigue
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving concentration and clarity
  • Boosting circulation, lymphatic drainage, and the immune system
  • Reducing pain and discomfort in muscles and joints
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Enabling faster recovery from soft tissue injury
  • Helping athletes prepare for and recover from workouts
  • Relaxing injured, tired, and overused muscles
  • Relieving migraine pain