What To Do After Getting IPL Facial

What To Do After Getting IPL Facial 2017-12-11T20:43:43+00:00

One of the primary concerns of those who try IPL facial for the first time is the recovery period. How long till they are able to go back to their usual routine?

In most cases the recovery time is anywhere from a week and up to 3 weeks depending on the patient and what area of the body was treated. The face usually takes 8-14 days to completely recover and the arms, chest or legs take closer to 3 weeks. After getting the treatment, the patient will feel as if they have sunburn. This feeling, though, is temporary and would go away. You may have swelling based on how agressive the settings were during your treatment. You can usually return to work following the procedure. The spots will darken and flake off as time passes.

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