IPL Facials Bellevue: A Closer Look At IPL Facials

IPL Facials Bellevue: A Closer Look At IPL Facials 2017-12-11T20:43:46+00:00

The signs of aging can come in different forms. Aside from the obvious fine lines and wrinkles, your skin may also exhibit other problems such as sun spots and hyperpigmentation. If you wish to erase these with one treatment, you should try IPL Facials Bellevue.

The use of Intense Pulsed Light is effective in treating skin conditions such as pigmentary changes, coarse skin texture, spider veins, facial redness, and enlarged pores. The pulses of light are computer-controlled and penetrate the skin to heat its sub-surface layers. When patients try a series of IPL treatments, they don’t have to worry about skin damage such as blisters or burns. Because the treatment removes age spots, freckles and broken capillaries, patients will achieve younger looking skin. Improvement is subtle and accomplished over a series of treatments so your skin will not appear obviously treated.

For those who want more information about IPL facials, get the facts straight from the experts. Call us here at Skintegrity Med Spa and have all your questions answered.

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