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Have you heard about HCG Weight Loss Juanita? In this weight loss program, you are limited to a 500-calorie intake daily for 8 weeks. You will also have to take HCG, either thru shots or products. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced by women when they are pregnant. The presence of hormone plus the calorie requirement is what spur the weight loss effect.

HCG Weight Loss Juanita is the latest weight loss craze that promises weight loss by taking hormones that the body naturally produces. What happens is that the combination of the ultra-low calorie diet and HCG resets the metabolism so you end up losing up to a pound a day without feeling hungry or weak. If you want to finally shed the pounds you hate, this might be the program for you.

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The thing with HCG Weight Loss Juanita is that you will need to have the discipline to stick to those you can and can’t eat. Your diet is comprised of just two meals – lunch and dinner. Each of your meal should have one protein, one vegetable, one bread and one fruit. You can have veal, beef, chicken breast, fish, lobster, crab or shrimp just as long as you don’t eat any visible fat. As long as you have the determination and will to stick to the plan, you can expect this diet to work for you.

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At Skintegrity Med Spa, we understand that every person requires a unique approach to refresh and rejuvenate as they age. Here at Skintegrity Med Spa, you can rediscover a slimmer, healthier and happier you through our HCG Weight Loss Juanita program. We offer this program to those who must lose a significant amount of weight quickly, safely and successfully. Feel free to call us here at Skintegrity Med Spa to know more about how you can lose weight easily.

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