Know All The Right Information About Botox Seattle

Know All The Right Information About Botox Seattle 2017-12-11T20:43:13+00:00

Botox Seattle injections continue to be the most commonly performed aesthetic procedure in the United States. It is a powerful, effective, non-surgical way to reverse the appearance of facial wrinkles. Know all the right information about it so you could make the right decision about whether to have it or not.

  • How does it work? Botox temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles, leading to a taut and tighter skin that will leave you look years younger than your real age.
  • Is it safe? Botox is FDA-approved, which makes it safe and effective. As with any drug, there is a risk of side effects but this happens very rarely. Some of the common side effects that patients report after receiving their first injection include, but are not limited to: itching, muscle stiffness, muscle weakness, sore throat and runny nose.
  • How long will it last? This really depends on the kind of treatment the patient receives. There are injections that can last up to five years while other patients choose to have treatments that will last up to six months.

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