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Botox Bothell injections remain to be the most commonly performed aesthetic procedure in the United States. This cosmetic treatment has shown great effectiveness in eliminating the signs of aging that appear in the face. If you have wrinkles, laugh lines, and deep creases in the brow, a shot of Botox right into the problem areas will smoothen them out. This leads to a tighter and taut skin that will make you look years younger than your real age.

The drug used in Botox Bothell injections is botulinum toxin, which is a produced using a neurotoxin. It works by paralyzing the groups of muscles in the face. Wrinkles appear because the skin on the face creates these impressions. For example, when a person smiles, the skin by the eyes fold causing crow’s feet to develop over the years. When Botox is injected, the muscles are temporarily paralyzed, preventing them from moving .

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When we think facial aging, lines and wrinkles immediately come to mind. When we reach our 30s, crow’s feet begin to appear beside the eyes. By our 50s, the cheek fat begins to droop down towards the jawline. The eyelids and outer brows also begin to droop. The neck skin becomes wrinkly and skin atrophy becomes more pronounced in the cheeks. All these signs of aging can be reversed or slowed down thru treatments like Botox Bothell and procedures that restore the lost youthfulness and vitality of the skin.

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Reverse Signs Of Aging With Botox Bothell

The thing with visible signs of aging is that it doesn’t just change the way you look on the outside – it affects how you feel on the inside. Make sure you feel good about the way you look and have confidence on your appearance. Contact Skintegrity Med Spa now about Skintegrity Botox Bothell.

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