Botox Bellevue Procedure

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The Botox Bellevue Procedure is a cosmetic treatment that is administered by a licensed provider. At Skintegrity MedSpa, we go a step further asking all of our providers for at least 10 years of experience and expert training documented with manufacturer certifications. Consequently, in most cases, our providers’ have injected thousands of clients with the product you are interested in, enabling them to tap into that experience each and every time they are performing an injectable service. At Skintegrity MedSpa, we recognize there is no substitute for experience and that premise governs almost everything we do.

The Botox Bellevue Procedure is non-invasive, safe, and extremely effective. Essentially, it’s a quick injection into the target muscle that will render it temporarily paralyzed and unable to create the expression that caused the wrinkles on your face. Temporary can mean anywhere between 3-6 months typically depending on your metabolism of the product. Botox is indicated for the treatment of the wrinkles on your forehead, in between your eyebrows for the “Angry 11’s”, and the “Crow’s Feet” around your eyes. Botox can take as long as 7-10 days to fully effect the muscle. We offer complimentary 2 week follow up visits for all of our cosmetic injectable clients to make sure you are happy with the result. The Botox Bellevue Procedure is the most widely used cosmetic treatment in the world because it will have you looking 5 years younger in 1, 30 minute visit. At Skintegrity MedSpa, our patient outcomes set us apart, come see why everyone is getting The Botox Bellevue Procedure. Don’t forget to ask a Skintegrity Team Member about our VIP Program and our 10% Referral Credit Program.

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