Bellafill, the longest lasting, 5-year filler is now available at Skintegrity!

Bellafill is ideal for patients who have previously been injected with a dermal filler and desire a longer lasting result.

With the much more popular hyaluronic acid fillers, people have to go in every six to nine months, which can be tiresome and expensive. Bellafill's unique microspheres of PMMA (same material implants are made of) stimulate new collagen formation, resulting in the longest lasting solution for wrinkle correction that can last for 5 year PLUS.

Bellafill's five-year approval is based on the world's largest and longest dermal-filler study, completed in February 2014. It involved 1,008 patients (88.9 percent of them female) in 23 centers across the U.S. who received injections of Bellafill in their nasal-labial folds (a.k.a. smile lines). At five years, there was an 87 percent retention rate. The formula is comprised of collagen, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres, and 0.3 percent lidocaine, a numbing agent for injection comfort.

Benefits of Bellafill: