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When the skin produces too much oil and clogs the pores, the end results are unsightly blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes. All together they are referred to as Adult Acne Redmond, and if they aren’t managed or contained with efficient treatment approaches, the problem can become unmanageable. Unmanageable adult acne can lead to depression, loss of self-confidence, and ultimately, reduce the overall quality of your life. With so much at stake, it is extremely important to get professional help if you feel you are losing the battle with adult acne. Although you may be losing the battle currently, Skintegrity MedSpa will ensure you don’t lose the war. Our adult acne Redmond treatments are extremely effective and our staff is kind, understanding, and prepared to help you take back your life.

Skintegrity Med Spa Brings You Many Kinds of Adult Acne Redmond Treatments


  • With proven IPL Technology, also known as Photo-Clearing, we are able to remedy the redness and inflammation caused by adult acne and teenage acne. IPL, also known as Intense Pulsed Light, prevents future breakouts by drying out the sebaceous glands which also remedies the oily shine associated with acne. Furthermore, IPL is extremely effective destroying the bacteria that is synonymous with acne without pain, recovery, side-effects, or downtime. One of the most common pharmacologic approaches used to address adult acne Redmond, is the use of systemic antibiotics. As with any drug, you can develop a tolerance, and perhaps, dilute their effect on other problems later in life. We treat adult acne Redmond without exposure to antibiotics and our results are exceptional.
  • Chemical Resurfacers or Chemical Peels are another modality available to effectively treat adult, or teen acne. The process involves using an acid solution to exfoliate dead skin cells. The Skintegrity Team will customize the strength, which correlates to depths of penetration, determined by your individual situation. Our treatment approach is specific to you, and only you. Usually, we use a combination of treatment modalities to ensure our success, and ultimately, produce another fantastic patient outcome.
  • Facials and Acne Clearing are used in conjunction with other treatment modalities by one of our experienced providers. At Skintegrity MedSpa, we don’t have anyone with less than 10 years of experience because we recognize, there simply is no substitute for it. Only using experienced and seasoned providers enables us to safely use all the tools available to us without reservations about skill level or product knowledge.

We offer complimentary consultations on all of our services, and for a limited time, we are including a 30 minute facial as part of the consultation process to thoroughly introduce you to our staff, facility, and your possibilities. Schedule Today.

Safe and Effective Solutions for Acne

Talking to the skin expert is one of the best things to do if you want to find the acne treatment that is most appropriate for your skin type. Skintegrity Med Spa provides the latest adult acne treatments that are both safe and effective. Set an appointment with The Skintegrity Team for your consultation anytime.

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